What the hell are you playing at? EU torn apart for shambolic handling of Putin's war move

The Brussels bloc has faced criticism for not taking decisive action on Russia’s increasingly threatening position to Ukraine. Robert Taylor, a columnist at the Telegraph, voiced his disapproval of the EU’s conduct.

Writing a devastating Op-Ed for the broadsheet, he said: “What the hell is it [the EU] playing at?

“In umming and ahing about whether a confrontation will weaken individual member economies, the organisation is putting its own selfish interests ahead of what’s right.

“President Macron says Europe must open its own dialogue with Russia, separate from America’s and NATO’s.

“This is precisely what Putin craves: a divided, disunited West. And what on earth is Macron’s idea of a ‘security and stability pact’ between Russia and the EU?

“If that isn’t appeasement, I don’t know what is, and it leaves the Ukrainians rightly afraid that their future might be decided without their own say.

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“It’s all too redolent of great powers treating countries like pawns on a chess board.”

Mr Macron, who is up for re-election in April, also decided to use much of his speech at the European Parliament to call on allies from the 26 other member states to be tough on the UK for post-Brexit fishing and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Mr Taylor also used his piece to champion Brexit Britain for taking control of its own foreign policy agenda to stand up for Kyiv.

He wrote: “Thank goodness Britain knows better, and Ukraine sees us as one of its closest friends – a country that punches well above its weight in Kyiv in terms of influence and power.

“Already, the UK has sent new weapons system to Ukraine, and troops to provide training, in marked contrast to Germany, which refuses to do any such thing.”

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“Together with our allies, we will continue to stand with Ukraine and urge Russia to de-escalate.”

Mr Taylor’s comments about Britain’s quick response was echoed by Anthony Gardner, who served as America’s ex-ambassador to the European Union.

Unlike Mr Taylor, who supported the UK’s departure from the EU, Mr Gardner, who backs the bloc and worked for Barack Obama when the 44th President said Britain would be at the “back of the queue” if it cut ties with Brussels.

Mr Gardner wrote on Twitter: “As bad as Brexit has been, I fully admit that a significant upside is that the UK can act swiftly in foreign affairs including Ukraine rather than being dragged into endless EU waffle.”

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