Where to buy new Hendrick’s limited-edition Neptunia gin

Hendrick’s is known for its classic dry gin and has launched a new limited-edition gin that’s sure to become sought after. The delectable new gin is available to buy now – find out more here.

Hendrick’s has released a brand new gin that’s perfect for the spring season.

The new Neptunia gin is a limited release and an ode to the sea with oceanic-inspired flavours.

With a blend of Scottish coastal botanics, it’s got a balance of floral, citrus and spice.

Perfect for mixing cocktails, buy the bottle before it sells out.

The Hendrick’s Neptunia gin was created by master distiller Ms Lesley Grace and is the latest addition to the Hendrick’s Cabinet of Curiosities. 

Expressing the magic of the sea, it’s got a high ABV of 43.4 percent which makes it extremely smooth.

This is Hendrick’s first ever maritime release and is has a bright finish that makes it refreshing to drink.

Sarah Berardi, Hendrick’s UK Ambassador said: “Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA is exquisite with tonic and a slice of cucumber, but if you’re embarking on an adventure with friends, try setting sail with a NEPTUNIA Fizz. It’s remarkably easy to make and an impressive to serve up on shore!”

Here’s a recipe to make the Hendrick’s Neptunia Fizz.


Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice.

 Stir gently, then top with soda water and garnish with 3 sliced rounds of cucumber.

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