'Who's he trying to kid?' BBC viewers blast Cleverly over Russian sanction claims

Appearing on Tuesday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, the minister made assurances the UK Government has called on other countries to join the sanctions regime the UK has already imposed against Russia. His comments come after Dan Walker questioned whether the UK Government had asked China “not to get involved” with the ongoing conflict. However, viewers were not convinced with Cleverly’s response, with some wondering who he was “trying to kid”. 

Taking to Twitter, Hirsty fumed: “James ‘not so’ Cleverly towing the sanctions line again on #BBCBreakfast. Who’s he trying to kid, we’ve been the softest country on the Russians in the world?#ToryRussianAssets” 

Dave Cole added: “Whenever I see James Cleverly on the breakfast news I know that most of what he says will be corrected by lunchtime #BBCBreakfast.” 

GG remarked: “His position is always ‘clear’ without answering any questions… #bbcbreakfast.” 

More to follow… 

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