'Whose fault? Labour, obviously!' Johnson in brutal nuclear jibe over France comparison

The Prime Minister has told a committee of MPs that Labour was to blame for the UK not having more nuclear power stations. Boris Johnson lamented the fact Britain lags behind France on the number of nuclear power plants during an appearance before the Liaison Committee on Wednesday. 

Mr Johnson told the MPs: “This is the country that split the atom!”

He added: “Why have the French got 56 nuclear reactors and we’ve got barely six.

“Whose fault was it?

“Labour party obviously but I leave that on one side.”


Mr Johnson suggested small nuclear power plants could be on stream by the end of the decade but he acknowledged that the problems with energy supply would not be solved quickly without the continued use of oil and gas.

“I’m not going to pretend that you are going to get a nuclear reactor on stream in real time for our constituents in the next couple of years, no.

“We have got to do lots of other things, including transitional hydrocarbons and basically helping with the cost of living wherever we can.

“But long-term and medium-term we have got to be looking at big ticket nuclear solutions, Sizewell and other projects, but we have also got to be looking at small modular reactors.”


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