William furious 'behind the scenes' over Caribbean controversy 'Questions will be asked!'

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal three-country tour in the Caribbean has been dogged by controversies and protests. The backlash has stunned William, with one royal expert claiming he would have “gone bananas behind the scenes”. Speaking to the MailPlus’ Palace Confidential, Mail on Sunday’s Editor at Large, Charlotte Griffiths said that Prince William will be furious over the royal tour “clangers”.

She said that while William was “all smiles” during the tour, he would have been seething inside.

Ms Griffiths explained: “William would have gone bananas behind the scenes because he’s got quite the temper on him and there have been some real misfires here.

“It must be really frustrating for them.

“They’re working their socks off and there are just clangers like that, that come out of nowhere.”

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Royal biographer and Daily Mail columnist Robert Hardman believes “rusty” organisers in the Palace were to blame for the missteps.

He told Palace Confidential: “I sense that because there haven’t been any royal tours for a couple of years, everyone has got a bit out of practice, particularly on the planning front.

“I think there were glitches in the planning of this.

“I think when they get back from this trip, a few questions will be asked.”

ITV’s royal editor Chris Ship pointed to one awkward moment when the Jamaican prime minister told the couple in a meeting that the country would be “moving on” to become a republic.

Mr Ship said: “The couple suffered the ignominy of listening to a talk from the Jamaican Prime Minister in front of the cameras when he effectively said that he wants Jamaica to ditch the Queen as Head of State.”

The tour also got off to a rocky start when there were protests over land rights in Belize at a cacao farm the Duke and Duchess were due to visit.

Tyrone Reid, an associate editor at the national newspaper the Jamaica Gleaner, said: “It was dubbed as a charm offensive, but I’m not quite so sure it came off that way.

“It wasn’t a royal failure, but I wouldn’t quite deem it a regal success either.”

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