Wimbledon umpire called out for Nick Kyrgios response after Stefanos Tsitsipas drama

“I know the crowd loved it but tennis needs to be a sport where you can take your five-year-old and not worry about them getting hit with a tennis ball or hearing a player swearing loudly 20 times. The sport needs to be like that otherwise the sport is becoming entertainment and that is not what tennis is. it is a sport, it’s educational and inspirational more than entertainment.”

Tsitsipas aimed several shots at his former doubles partner during their match, which spilt into a war of words both on and off the court. “It felt kind of a circus, in a way. We’re there to play tennis,” said the 23-year-old Greek player.

“I would be pretty upset if I lost to someone two weeks in a row as well,” replied Kyrgios, who also beat Tsitsipas in Halle last month. “Maybe he should figure out how to beat me a couple more times first.”

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