'Woke him into submission' Piers Morgan blasts Meghan Markle for 'influencing Prince Harry

Branding Meghan’s claims hard to believe, Piers elaborated: “The damage she caused by calling the royal family a bunch of racists was incalculable.”

He cited the reaction of some locals to Prince William and wife Kate Middleton during their recent trip to the Caribbean as an example of the fall-out of Meghan’s comments.

Some had expressed that, in their eyes, the pair were not welcome to visit and that they wanted independence from Britain.

Meanwhile, though Piers might not have secured a showdown interview with Meghan, the first episode of his show Uncensored airs on TalkTV tonight – and he is now employed by Rupert Murdoch again.

That’s a plus for Piers, who stated that the publishing mogul has got “balls of steel”.

“He’s not gonna take a phone call from Meghan Markle demanding my head on a plate!” he said.

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