‘Working on her sexiness’ Helen Skelton issued Strictly warning by partner Gorka Márquez

Speaking to Claudia about the sexiness and having the three mirrors around her, Helen joked: “You kept saying about the straight legs, he kept slapping me on the leg.

“When he made me stand in front of the mirrors, I get it, it was for me. But you’re either the kind of person who likes standing in front of the mirror or the kind of person who stands there and goes ‘Oh I have something in my teeth’.

“I am not sexy, I am functional, I am efficient, I am working on it. He goes ‘Dance like you’re at a club or a party on a Saturday’, I go to parties on Saturday, trampoline parties.”

Craig scored their performance a five, Motsi and Shirley both scored a seven and Anton scored their performance an eight, totalling to 27.

Strictly Come Dancing returns tonight at 7:15pm on BBC One.

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