‘Works wonders!’ ‘Tried and tested’ way to remove thick toilet limescale

Claire Louise Philip suggested: “Black Harpic all the way. I live in a house full of boys and it is honestly an absolute godsend, soak it overnight and repeat if needed.”

Rebecca Watson said: “Black Harpic, leave overnight. Again in the morning and then a scrub.”

Karen Vince wrote: I was going to say Black Harpic. It works wonders!”

Shannon Gillbanks commented on the Facebook post: “Black Harpic is sent from the gods.”

Black Harpic is available to buy from most local supermarkets and online.

Harpic Power Plus Toilet Cleaner 10x better than Bleach Gel costs £1.30 from Sainsbury’s.

Harpic Power Plus Toilet Cleaner is £1.25 from Tesco and £1.30 from ASDA.

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