World Cup fans tell Roy Keane to 'bore off' after ITV pundit compares Brazil to Strictly

Richarlison’s goal especially sent fans wild, as he juggled the ball on his head before being played in by Lucas Paqueta and produced a smart finish. He scored a stunning goal earlier in the tournament as well, flicking the ball over his head and acrobatically striking it to score against Serbia which prompted a debate in the ITV studio.

“Unbelievable,” Keane said as he described Richarlison’s goal. “And the weight of the pass [from Thiago Silva] is fantastic, for a central defender, and great run, he gets the first touch and he’s in on goal. It’s so simple, lovely finish, good for him.”

Former England striker Eni Aluko then asked Keane a question about the goal. “I think we’ve got a debate now,” the former Lioness said. “What is the best goal Richarlison has scored?” Keane then could not turn down the chance to speak about Brazil’s dancing again: “I thought you were going to say best dance!”

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