'Would have been lost' Victoria Pendleton on 'unusual' career change amid quitting cycling

“As someone who has followed a plant-based diet for a few years now, finding SlimFast Vitality has been amazing, it’s tasty and healthy – right up my street.

“I think people are realising that the mantra ‘health is the new wealth’ is more than just a phrase.

“The momentous stresses and strains of the last few years have left many of us feeling off-balance, time-poor and concerned about our health and nutrition.

“Finding healthy, tasty and convenient snack solutions like SlimFast Vitality which supports balanced nutrition and wellbeing has never been so important.”

Victoria Pendleton is supporting the launch of SlimFast Vitality shakes. Packed with 23 vitamins and minerals and suitable for a vegan lifestyle, new SlimFast Vitality balanced nutrition shakes offer a quick hit of healthy that also pack a punch in taste. Visit Slimfast.co.uk or @slimfastvitalityuk for more information.

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