'You look like Brutus!' Rob Rinder mocks Sajid Javid as viewers distracted by MP's beard

Good Morning presenters Rob Rinder and Charlotte Hawkins challenged Sajid Javid about whether tax cuts will help Britons struggling with the cost of living crisis. However, Rinder couldn’t resist mocking the Conservative MP’s appearance as he has grown a beard. Many ITV viewers were distracted by Javid’s new look too and took to social media to comment on his appearance. 

As Javid was speaking, Rinder quipped: “I am sorry to interrupt you, again it’s a lack of time and not rudeness on my part, but I can see you are sporting a new beard.

“You are looking very much like Brutus which of course has Shakesperian echoes.”

The MP laughed off Rinder’s comments, but added: “I am not sure about your reference to Brutus there.”

Rinder continued: “You’ll know from the play you knifed your ex-leader and, of course, the first person who does the knifing never wins the election. 

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“Now part of the reason I would have thought you did that is because you thought Boris Johnson couldn’t speak to our country outside of London.” 

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on Javid’s facial hair, with @kkthedoctor commenting: “Sajid Javid growing a beard is giving me the Master vibes.” 

@Matsteiner added: “The beard doesn’t help. Mediocre/incompetent politicians who prospered under and supported the Dear Liar won’t be forgotten.” (sic)

Warren Peace penned: “What’s with the beard? Sajid Javid looking like a ‘Guess who’ character this morning… #GMB” (sic) 

Later on in the interview, Rinder said the beard was going down well with viewers and Javid replied: “My wife will be pleased to hear that.”

During his appearance on the ITV programme, the former Health Secretary insisted cutting taxes will help with inflation. 

He also told viewers Conservative MP Liz Truss will bring out an emergency budget if she becomes Prime Minister in September. 

Javid said: “The only way people are going to get the public services they deserve, whether it’s the NHS or education, is by raising our long-term growth rate.

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