'You'd rather people on benefits!' Corbyn ridiculed as he explodes at Boris' legacy

The former Labour Leader was ridiculed as he targeted Boris Johnson’s leadership legacy in a heated House of Commons address.

Jeremy Corbyn took the opportunity to blast the Tory Government in a statement to his fellow MPs during the no confidence debate.

Mr Corbyn, who remains in the House as an independent MP, was shot down by the outgoing Prime Minister who mocked his approach to addressing financial hardship.

Mr Johnson claimed the ex-Labour leader would rather have the nation on benefits than seek to reduce unemployment and get people into work, as his Government has strived to do.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Corbyn began: “I’m grateful to the Prime Minister for taking a break from his fantasy tour of this country.”

His opening statement was immediately followed by echoes of laughter and mumbles of disagreement before he continued. 

“Could he take one moment to explain why 14 million people in this country are living in poverty?

“Why there more food banks than there are branches of Mcdonalds, why there is a mental health crisis, why big pharma have made so much from owning the patents of the vaccines, why his Government is presiding over the enriching of the richest, the impoverishment of the poorest and the greatest job insecurity in industry after industry?”

He concluded: “He has created poverty, inequality and insecurity – that is his legacy.”

Mr Johnson replied: “I’m thrilled to be debating again with the right honourable gentleman. 

“Since our last encounters, I can tell him I am proud that we have actually got unemployment down to record lows.

“I know that you’d rather have people on benefits, but I don’t think that’s the way forward.”


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