'Your best friends': Perfect products for a dirty shower door including the 'Scrub Daddy'

A British mum has discussed the products she uses to tackle the shower, from removing soap scum to tricky limescale.

Lucy is a cleaning guru, with fans across social media coming to her for tips.

The cleaning, home, motherhood, and lifestyle Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencer and been sharing her tips for three years.

She posts her insights on @cleaningwithlucy, where her followers can learn from her expertise.

She discussed how to clean a dirty shower screen door with Express.co.uk.

Lucy disclosed her favourite products for the job. She said: “Flash Bathroom and a Dishmatic refill are your best friends for the shower!”

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For a more serious cleaning job like limescale, Lucy recommends heavy-duty products.

She said: “If your limescale marks are quite bad you can use a cream cleaner and a Scrub Daddy or an abrasive non-scratch sponge.”

The Scrub Daddy is a cult classic cleaning product known as “America’s Favourite Sponge”.

The tough scrubbers, recognisable due to their smiley face design come in a number of designs.

The main feature of the product is that it is soft and absorbent in warm water and firm in cold water, so it can be used to perform a number of jobs.

A cleaner, Hailey Becnel, told Express.co.uk her routine to clean a dirty shower screen door.

Hailey runs the Instagram account @thecleaningchannel.

The mum said: “For a dirty shower door I will always use a non-scratch sponge and liquid Bar Keepers Friend, a product I love.”

Bar Keepers Friend is a cleaner made with oxalic acid.

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