Zara Tindall is 'an enigma' – a 'self-made athlete' but keeps children 'private'

Zara Tindall is the mother of Mia Tindall, eight, Lena Tindall, three, and her 10-month-old son, Lucas Tindall. In 2011, Zara and Mike Tindall tied the knot in a beautiful summer service at Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh. The couple had been dating since 2003 when they met in Australia for the Rugby World Cup, in which Mike was participating.

“On one hand she’s very public as her own self-made athlete and personality, and at the same time very able to keep her private life private.

“Zara is known to ferociously guard information about her children, only letting the public know the bare minimum and only what is relevant.

“I think she’s of the view that ‘skills should shine for you, not private information or given titles’.

“I suppose this must be an element she learnt from her own mother when Princess Anne didn’t give them royal titles.


Angela expanded on whether Zara will encourage Mia, Lena and Lucas to be sporty like their parents.

She continued: “Zara and Mike may, if they have not already, encourage their children to take on specific sports.

“However, children will tend to encompass the energy that the family emits.

“Even if children don’t follow the exact same sports, they adopt other competitive sports or activities.

“The values that sports encapsulate include working hard, flow, focus, persistence, curiosity, the need to do better and improve.

“And it may not even be in sports, it may be in other professions where these values are very infiltrated.

“Because Zara follows the beat of her own drum and knows how liberating this is, she will give her children that same freedom and possibly just concentrate on empowering and instilling those basic values.

“I feel she will encourage her children to follow their own path.”

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