My browser is super slow, how do I fix it?

You’ve probably had it happen to you before - you’re trying to watch your favorite streaming show, and it won’t load, or you’re scrolling through Facebook, and none of your friends’ posts are coming up.   This is likely because your browser is

Army picks four companies to build tactical truck prototypes

Nine army bases facing name changes this year Fox News chief national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin discusses the military altering the Confederate names of U.S. Army bases after the military’s Naming Commission recommendations on ‘Special Report.’ The U.S. Army announced Friday that

5 best portable phone chargers of 2023

Make sure your devices gets the best possible charge Between our cell phones, laptops and tablets, we use a lot of power to keep them fully charged. However, all our devices sometimes need charging at once, and some of us only have

How to find a lost Windows laptop

Losing your laptop can be scary and incredibly stressful, especially considering the amount of money you spend purchasing it and the important information you keep stored on it. That’s why we’re showing you how to locate your laptop should it ever get

Google told me to change my password, should I be worried? – If you have a Google account, it often saves you an extra step when signing up or logging into many websites or apps.  That’s because the websites or apps are able to access certain information from your Google profile, such

NASA successfully tests new engine for deep space exploration

NASA announced that its engineers have developed and tested the agency’s first full-scale rotating detonation rocket engine (RDRE). The agency said that the design could significantly change how future propulsion systems are built. The supersonic rocket engine uses detonation, with the design

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