Ukrainian TV star fundraises $100 million for country's army

When Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special operation” on the night of February 24, one of Ukraine’s biggest showmen, Serhiy Prytula, was on a train heading to Lviv, the furthest city in Western Ukraine, where he was studying for a master’s

Colombia's Arhuacos strive for harmony with Mother Nature

The Arhuaco people in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta have fended off incursions by Capuchin missionaries and by the illegal armed groups of Colombia’s long civil conflict. They would prefer to focus on avoiding and repairing damage to Mother Earth. The

Storm Cheneso picks up in Madagascar, more flooding to come

A severe tropical storm which devastated parts of Madagascar this week is set to continue to wreak havoc on the country as it strengthens over the weekend, the United Nations regional weather monitoring service said. The storm has killed 8 people and

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