Argentine Falklands chief warns Britain could be hiding NUKES on disputed islands

Argentina’s Malvinas Secretary Guillermo Carmona told local media: “We cannot rule out that there are British nuclear weapons in the Malvinas” In a recent interview with Télam, Mr Carmona again questioned the militarisation of the islands. He questioned the military presence of British forces in the region.

Mr Carmona claims there is “a continuous arms build-up which is reflected in the presence of a nuclear-powered submarine” on the Falkland Islands.

He said that Britain was committed to the “renewal of a state-of-the-art anti-aircraft missile system, military vessels and aircraft”.

He added: “There are also large-scale military exercises.

“It is really a worrying situation.”

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He explained the position that Argentina will take at the next meeting of the United Nations Decolonisation Committee.

Mr Carmona added: “In the absence of historical, legal and geographical reasons, the United Kingdom appeals to the de facto presence, using militarisation as a way of strengthening or justifying its presence in this part of the Argentine national territory.

“Argentina has historical, legal and geographical arguments and plenty of support in the world in its sovereignty claim.

“Not only Argentina has repudiated this militarisation process, but also the countries of our region that suffer the threat of a disproportionate military presence in the South Atlantic.

“It is necessary to take into account the militarisation, for a little more than 3,000 inhabitants, there are at least 1,500 military personnel in Malvinas.

“This disproportion of civilian and military population already shows that Malvinas is one of the most militarised territories in the world.”

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