Tech 101: What to do when your computer freezes

Pop quiz: How often do you need to restart your computer for best performance?  Here’s a hint. If you only do it when your machine crashes or needs to update, that’s not enough. Tap or click for my recommendation for keeping your

YouTube TV restores Disney, ESPN access following outage

YouTube TV began restoring access to Disney content after a dispute between the companies led to an interruption of service over the weekend. YouTube told viewers Sunday they were restoring service so customers could once again watch networks provided by Disney such

Simple ways to stop advertisers from following you online

Happy young woman sitting on sofa and using digital tablet. Happy young student with eyeglasses watching a movie on tablet. Female student studying on tablet at home. (iStock) We all know that prickling feeling when we see an ad online or on

Unwrapped new gadgets? 10 ways to lock them down

Ah, a shiny new tech toy. In the eyes of a hacker, that’s a great way into your home’s network.  Most people don’t realize how important it is to properly secure your internet connection and router from snoops, hackers, and moochers. Tap

Media company Grabien suspended on Twitter for quoting congressman

Media company Grabien was suspended from Twitter on Friday after posting a quote from a U.S. congressman. Grabien founder Tom Elliott tweeted Friday that his company, Grabien Media, was suspended from the social media platform for quoting Rep. Andy Biggs’s comments regarding

5 genius tech hacks to do before it’s February

Symbolic photo on the subject of hackers and data security. (Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images) It’s a new year, and we’re busy setting goals and making resolutions. One of mine is to spend at least an hour outside every day. 

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