10 iPhone tricks I use every day, and you will, too

Cell phones have become essential for many heroin dealers, and many of their customers. (REUTERS/Robert Galbraith) Your phone can do a lot more than you realize, but no one points out the countless hidden settings, hacks, and features when you buy it. 

Break your phone addiction with these proven settings

Young people addicted to smart phones (iStock) Our phones — filled with emails to check, social media to scroll, and apps to open — are designed to keep us glued to them. It’s easy to get sucked in and find it difficult

How to look better in selfies and group photos

Couple On Road Trip Sit On Convertible Car Taking Selfie (iStock) When’s the last time you looked at a photo of yourself and thought, “Dang, I am so incredibly good-looking!” You’re not alone. Let me help.  Get rid of your “turkey neck” 

Cellphone and tech clues that your partner is cheating on you

People underestimate intuition. If your gut tells you something is off, don’t ignore it.  Stalkerware is surprisingly easy to plant on someone’s phone, and trackers follow you online and offline. Tap or click for signs whether you’re being watched or just paranoid. 

‘Log4Shell’ exploits Apple, Twitter and Minecraft

Security experts around the world raced Friday to patch one of the worst computer vulnerabilities discovered in years, a critical flaw in open-source code widely used across industry and government in cloud services and enterprise software. “I’d be hard-pressed to think of

How to know if someone actually read your text

The phone in your hand can do more than the computers we had years ago. It’s a communication device, a camera, a scanner, a fitness tracker, a camcorder, a GPS, a game console — I could go on.  There’s also a lot

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