Catherine Zeta-Jones, 52, looks unrecognisable as she's spotted with platinum blonde bob

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 52, looked completely different as she donned a platinum blonde wig instead of her staple brunette style. The Welsh actress was spotted with the bob hairdo while on the set of her new TV show, National Treasure, in New Orleans on Wednesday.

Catherine still looked stunning and wore a gold blouse and matching trousers.

She was pictured getting into a black car while clutching a white tote bag.  

The Oscar winner will play Billie, a billionaire antiquities expert and treasure hunter.

The Disney+ series will also star Lisette Alexis, Lyndon Smith and Zuri Reed.

It will be told from a young woman’s perspective as she searches for answers about her family and tries to save a lost Pan-American treasure.

The series is an expansion of the National Treasure film franchise starring Nicholas Cage. 

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