‘Confident’ Kate has ‘become the new Diana’ with bold fashion choices

Kate has been attending engagements with Prince William wearing stunning dresses and elegant outfits suitable to her role, according to author Duncan Larcombe. The royal expert noted the Duchess seems to be “coming of age” and her appearances resemble those of Princess Diana, during an interview with OK magazine.

Mr Larcombe said: “When I saw the photos, I was reminded that Kate has very much become the new Diana when it comes to the style stakes.

“She was there to give out an award for fashion design, and dominated the headlines with what some might see as a fairly conservative choice of outfit.

“We shouldn’t forget that it was Kate’s sense of fashion and style that first helped catch Prince William’s eye when she wore that see-through outfit at a charity fashion show, with him, apparently, watching with his jaw on the floor.”

The 40-year-old royal presented the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design to Saul Nash in London last week.

On the day, she wore a stunning green Edeline Lee dress, that garnered endless praise from royal fans.

The expert noted that Kate’s outfits in the past year demonstrate “just how confident she is becoming”.

And he added: “She seems to look elegant in just about anything.

“I think this is all part of a coming of age for the Duchess.”

And he went on to explain how Kate has been carrying out public duties, while at the same time being a great role model for her children.

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“The only royal you could possibly compare her to in that respect, given the past year and a half or so, is Princess Diana.”

And added: “Does she have the same clout as Diana?

“Well, you only have to look at the sales figures for all the outfits she has worn – they have skyrocketed.

“The minute Kate wears an off-the-peg dress it sells out, and that reminds us of the Diana effect.”

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