Dozens of travellers defy eviction notice to stay on popular city park

It is believed the group have been at Ruddington Lane Recreation Ground in Wilford, Nottingham, since Saturday, despite receiving the eviction notice on Monday. There are around 25 caravans spread out across the site, which is located either side of residential streets and includes a children’s play area.

The recreation ground is a popular park just off the A52 to the south of the city, reports Nottinghamshire Live.

Nottingham City Council sent community protection officers to the site on Monday but the travellers were still pictured there today, just days before half term when the park is at its busiest.

A 22-year-old new mum on the Ruddington site described her “different” lifestyle since she ditched her “landlife” in Ireland to travel with a caravan across the country.

She said: “This is actually my first year on the road - I have never done this before. My husband is in the community so I said that we can try and do it for the summer to see how it goes first.

“Living in a caravan is very different to what I imagined it to be. It has been a bit difficult.”

Another group were evicted from Victoria Embankment, a different green space less than three miles away, last Friday.

It is not known if the travellers that ahve pitched up in Ruddington are the same as those who left the Victoria Embankment.

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