Emirates Holidays launches deals on fights and hotels in Dubai, Mauritius and Maldives

Emirates previously launched new deals for 2022 flights earlier this month. Now, the airline is offering deals on hotel stays in international destinations – discover what the airline has to offer here.

Earlier this month, Emirates has launched its January 2022 deals with special fares on flights.

Flights are still on offer and travellers can visit international destinations from £350 up.

Whether you want to travel to a sunny island or a new city, be sure to book the flights before 24 January 2022.

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Now, customers will be able to get up to 20 percent off hotel stays and more in Dubai, Mauritius and Maldives.

Perfect for planning your next holiday, book before 31 January or 3 February 2022.

Highlights from offers include 20 percent off stay at JA Oasis Beach Tower Dubai with a one day complimentary pass to Dubai Parks and Resorts, the largest theme park in the Middle East.

Don’t miss out on the deal and book now.

Emirates also has flexible booking options and a dedicated 24/7 On Holiday Service Team that helps you with all questions and concerns.

In addition, the airline is offering advice to parents who are travelling with children.

Recommendations include making sure parents time their chosen flights to their child’s daily routine.

It’s also suggested that parents choose seats wisely and consider seating near the bathrooms for easier toilet trips.

Here are the highlights from the Emirates deal with flights departing from London.

Dubai - From £375

Islamabad, Pakistan - From £439

Dhaka, Bangladesh - From £549 up

Colombo, Sri Lanka - From £2,205

Mauritius - From £2,439

See all featured fares here.

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