Escape to the Chateau’s Dick and Angel's staff woes as couple forced to sack 'bad eggs'

The Escape to the Chateau couple are perfectionists in their work, and expect the same from the staff who help out. Angel Adoree, 44, talked about getting rid of “bad eggs,” and admitted Dick Strawbridge, 62, could be “grumpy.” It came as the two reflected on memorable staff members they’d worked with since they first began work on the chateau, which has been documented by Channel 4 since 2016.

As the two chatted about a man called Jay who worked for them, Angel added: “And Jay had a friend who was called Tina, they were just friends at the time, and again, she does a bit of everything.

“And she came and again, we would say that Tina was one of our first members of staff, and Tina is still here today!”

“Tina’s still here now, it’s interesting because things change,” Dick added.

“And Tina’s got her own big project, she’s got a little sort of campsite and she still comes to work with us.”

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“Because not everybody’s a fit,” Dick stated. “And alright, I have been known to…”

He turned to Angel, who concluded: “What, to be grumpy? Yes.”

“Nobody believes that, I get it,” Dick joked, as Angel admitted she also has high standards.

“It’s probably a little bit me… I just, I can’t stand anyone - I call them one-handed moppers,” she remarked as she impersonated someone lazily working.

“It’s hard because we’ve got Arthur and Dorothy here,” Dick went on.

“And for us the biggest part is they’re not affected by the television, the events - because it is our home and everything else.

“Arthur and Dorothy, we want them surrounded by people who actually you just feed off and you work together and it’s all good energy, and that’s all we ever ask for, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Angel agreed. “And you cannot have one bad egg in the team because it penetrates through.”

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All4.

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