GB News: Prince William ‘the woke’ slammed by David Starkey over Rwanda row

Broadcaster and historian David Starkey branded the Duke of Cambridge as “woke William” during the conversation on the show. Mr Starkey branded Prince William as “woke” following controversial comments from his father Prince Charles at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda.

Representing the Queen at the meeting, the future monarch caused a stir after he criticised the Government’s policy to send migrants to Rwanda.

The broadcaster and historian then made a claim about the end of the monarchy, with the Duke of Cambridge.

He added: “I’ve decided to christen him William the woke, so we can have the notion of the monarchy beginning with William the Conqueror and ending with William the woke.”

Prince Charles has told Commonwealth leaders he cannot describe “the depths of his personal sorrow” at the suffering caused by the slave trade.

Speaking in Rwanda, he said the potential of the family of nations could only be realised by acknowledging the wrongs that had “shaped our past”.

Charles added it was up to states to decide if they remained monarchies or became republics in the future.

He met Boris Johnson, amid reports he was critical of his Rwanda asylum plan.

In private remarks, the future king had reportedly described the UK government plan - which will see some asylum seekers sent to Rwanda to claim asylum - as “appalling”.

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Meanwhile, the Royal Family have been branded as increasingly woke in recent weeks, with reports suggesting Meghan Markle would travel to Washington DC to protest against the overturning of Roe vs Wade.

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