Huge crowds as Prince Charles and Princess Anne arrive at Scotland's Thistle Service

The royal siblings were all smiles as they arrived at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh for the biennial service. Donning the robes of Scotland’s highest order, Princess Anne and Prince Charles were cheered by huge crowds waiting for them outside the church. 

Hundreds of fans gathered behind barriers put in place by the police to catch a glimpse of the Queen’s children.

Some were even caught on camera taking pictures of Charles and Anne arriving at the cathedral from a window of a nearby building.

The two royals are both members of the UK’s second highest order in Britain’s honour system.

The service is held every two years and normally attended by all its Knights and Ladies.

Prince Charles was appointed Knight of the Order in February 1977.

On the other hand, the Princess Royal was appointed a Lady of the Thistle Order in November 2000.

Late Prince Philip was also among the royals included in the order, being appointed a Knight in April 1952.

Prince William has been the most recent royal to have been installed as a Knight of the Order, joining it in July 2012. 


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