Inside Pippa Middleton's £17m Chelsea home with James Matthews - perfect for the new baby

From the few pictures royal fans have seen, the home interiors seem fabulous.

Pippa, who was spotted with a new baby bump during the Platinum Jubilee, is expecting her third child.

She lives with her husband of five years, James Matthews, and their two children Arthur and Grace.

Their stunning six-bedroom house is reportedly spread over five floors and it is worth a staggering £17million.

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What is it like inside?

While the couple is notoriously private, it has been known that their property features a gym, a lift, a room for staff and even an underground cinema.

It was in 2016 when Pippa moved into James’ house with him.

Shortly after in 2017, the couple began £1.2million worth of renovation works.


The development included them adding a separate male and female dressing room linked to the main bedroom.

They also opted for a nursery to take care of their growing family and air conditioning throughout.

The nursery, which will be once again in use for the new baby, is reportedly a luxurious space with views of the exclusive neighbourhood of Chelsea.

Pippa and James had to move out for the major changes to take place, but they moved back in in 2018.

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James is no stranger when it comes to flashy home features.

He previously resided at a 9,000-square-foot townhouse with a rooftop terrace and hot tub overlooking the city skyline.

It was located in London’s exclusive area of Mayfair.

James sold it in 2006 for £1.275million, but by 2017, it was reported to be worth a whopping £40million.

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