Jamie Carragher takes aim at Arsenal after Newcastle loss - 'Sick of saying same things'

“I think it’s a huge problem not just this season for Mikel Arteta,” Carragher said. “It’s a huge problem for this Arsenal team going forward. Europa League next season, Thursday-Sunday, I think they had their opportunity, a big one this season with no European football it’s a big advantage, and they still haven’t made it pay.

“Spurs are not losing from that position. Arsenal know right now, they know why they are sitting down on the pitch, the scenes we’ve just seen with the supporters in the away end, supporters watching at home. There isn’t anybody in world football that believes Arsenal will be playing Champions League football on the back of that.”

Gary Neville added: “It’s a bad one. I remember United losing that Europa League final to Villareal and thinking it was more than just a defeat. The Arsenal players’ body language at the end tells you it’s more than just a defeat, it was a big one.

“I gave them the benefit of doubt at half-time, because I felt that the only way they were going to win this game was through a grind. I didn’t think they would come out of that game on Thursday at Tottenham, that was really damaging. They were brutalised by that Tottenham fanbase for 60 minutes, that’s a young team with inexperience that doesn’t have the experience and character. I never fully trusted them to get into the top four to be honest with you.”

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