Jamie Redknapp jokes he may 'knock out' Richards as Roy Keane takes in Man City title

“We are playing in a non-normal circumstance. After the second goal from Coutinho it was really difficult. Gundogan is the best runner in second [midfield] positions that we have. He’s the best.”

He added: “Wow. We are legends. When you win in this country, four times in five years, is because these guys are so good. First one 100 points, second one in Brighton, the third without people and this one with people the best.”

Midfielder Kevin de Bruyne, who did excellently to set up Gundogan’s winner, insisted City were not focused on Liverpool’s game. He said: “After 2-1 we switched. You’re doubting yourself. You’re losing anyway, you want to change the situation. We created more chances before the second goal. It is what it is.

“I knew it was 1-1 at half time [in the Liverpool game] but after that I wasn’t quite sure. Even then, we looked at ourselves, you see how we tried to change the situation ourselves. We didn’t want to look at Liverpool.

“It’s so different. We tried to keep as calm as possible. Two-one just changed the whole situation for me. The stadium changes, the atmosphere [changes].”

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