Jet2 sends travel warning to Manchester Airport passengers - ‘ongoing issues’

The budget carrier issued a warning to passengers travelling from Manchester Airport. Jet2 is a popular airline for families and young people heading off on European holidays.

One customer’s text message said: “Due to ongoing issues caused by airport security queues at Manchester Airport, please allow plenty of time for your journey through the terminal.

“Our check-in desks will open three hours before departure. We look forward to seeing you soon.”

Manchester Airport passengers have faced huge security queues with some passengers waiting outside the airport.

Staff shortages have caused issues across the aviation industry with many passengers facing chaos.

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Manchester Airport has said it has recruited more staff to help manage the chaotic scenes at security.

Ian Costigan, interim managing director at Manchester Airport said: “We want to make sure that customers get away on their travels, so everyone at Manchester Airport is focused on bringing in the extra resources we need to continue operating our full flight schedule.

“It is encouraging to see new staff joining us as a result of our ongoing recruitment drive, and we have seen security waiting times reduced in recent weeks.

“The last few weeks have been challenging but the team on the ground has done a great job in getting passengers through security more quickly, and I would like to thank all my colleagues for their hard work and dedication.


“As we continue to recover, we are reminding customers to arrive at the airport three hours before their flight and to ensure they are familiar with all security rules.

“While the majority of people will get through security in less than 30 minutes, customers need to allow time for check-in and the possibility that security queues may be longer at peak times.”

Passengers at Birmingham Airport have also faced lengthy queues while both British Airways and easyJet have cancelled flights.

easyJet is to remove a row of seating from its planes so it can operate flights with fewer members of cabin crew.

Travel expert, Rob Staines, told “The situation is already vastly improving.

“By the summer, airports will have enough time to plug the gap in labour shortages and devise better processes to deal with high demand.

“New regulations passed by the Government also mean firms can start training staff before they’ve been security cleared which will expedite recruitment.”

He added customers could make sure they have the correct documentation ready when they travel to the airport to cut down on queue time.

Passengers with a lot of hand luggage are also more likely to be stopped by security as well as those with lots of liquids.

While Britons should travel to the airport with enough time to pass through security, passengers shouldn’t travel before the check-in desk is open, according to experts.

If passengers do get stuck in a lengthy security queue, they should try to contact their airline for help.

Although the airline isn’t obligated to do anything, staff may be able to transfer passengers to a later flight.

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