July horoscope: New month's ‘fantastic for progress' - What’s in store for each star sign?


“A real whirlwind month for you, Virgo,” she continued. “Mercury is your ruling planet, and it spends the month bouncing around three other signs, each of those signs blesses you with different gifts. 

“For the first six days of the month, it is in chatty Gemini, and you find yourself surrounded by social occasions. 

“For the final ten days of the month, it is in proud Leo, and you take the lead on work and family projects. 

“And in between, it is in warm cancer, so you put self-care at centre stage.”


“Gentle and elegant, you tend to agree with most people and situations,” Inball said. 

“Like the other dual signs, Pisces and Gemini, you see things from both points of view at once. 

“This month, your ruling planet Venus starts out in Gemini, so your dual vision is in full force and you struggle to make decisions. 

“But from July 18 onwards, it is in the warm, watery sign of Cancer, and so you choose kindness every time, which is very you.” 


“It’s nearly, nearly time to chill, Scorpio,” the astrologer added. “Your traditional ruling planet is Mars, which is linked with passion and war. 

“This month, Mars starts off in Aries, which means you’ll feel motivated to keep active, stay outdoors and socialise. But from July 6 onwards, it moves to calm and mature Taurus, so you’ll finally get a break. 

“You’ll spend time at home, catch up with your family, and even look into redecorating.”

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