KSI announces new opponent and takes swipe at Dillon Danis after withdrawing from fight

He returned a couple of months later with a vengeance, stopping Overtflow within just 20 seconds of the fight starting. And FaZe is confident that he can pick up another win when he steps in the ring with KSI.

“I showed exactly what I can do in my last fight,” he said. “At any moment in the fight, I can catch my opponent and you can see how they respond when that happens.

“The Sidemen have been on top for too long, and it’s time for FaZe and I to show them exactly what we’re made of. Sure, KSI is a huge name, but only one man is going to come out of this victorious.

“I hope he’s as prepared as he says he is, because I’m coming to London to do one thing, and that’s claim a massive win inside that ring.”

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