'Lower than a snake's belly!' Bury voter savages Conservative MP over Labour defection

A furious radio caller has slammed Christian Wakeford MP’s decision to cross over to the Labour Party in protest at Boris Johnson’s leadership amid the row over Downing Street parties. Fiona, who lives in the constituency of Bury North which neighbours Mr Wakeford’s seat told Jeremy Kyle on talkRADIO “I think it’s the worst mistake he’s ever made.”

Fiona said: “I think it’s disgusting.

“I think he’s lower than a snake’s belly.

“It’s cowardly, he has done it purely for his own political career.

“But I think it’s the worst mistake he’s ever made because everybody in Bury is just going mad.

“I think it’s disgusting.”

Jeremy Kyle added: “And from what I know and you live in Bury, he didn’t talk to his constituency party, he just decided when he looked at the fact that his boundary is going to change and he’s only got the majority of 411 that he jumped ship, make a big idiot of himself and I think it’s going to backfire on him and Keir Starmer, do you?”

“I do absolutely,” replied Fiona.

“Keir Starmer’s smug face yesterday in Parliament and I wanted to be sick.”

“I live in Bury South, I voted for Christian Wakeford, everyone I know voted for him.

“But we didn’t vote for him,  I’ve never met him he’s never had the courtesy to answer any emails I’ve ever sent him.

“I voted for him because he represented the Conservative Party and I voted for the Conservative Party under Boris Johnson that’s what I voted for.”

She added: “That’s what everyone I know voted for and now I feel like he’s stolen my vote.”

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