NFLGirlUK founder Liz Bhandari explains why more must be done to increase female presence

“I hope there will be more females talking about the game and female-hosted shows in the UK. I’ve reached out to American Football teams and head of diversity inclusion, and I’m having conversations with a wide variety of people and there is still so much to cover.”

While there is a long way to go, Bhandari represents a rare female voice in a growing sport, which is sure to bring exciting opportunities in the future. “I hope to get out more to America and produce more content,” she added. “I’m really excited for what’s ahead because who knows where it will go. 

“I shared ideas with Papa Johns off back of social media campaigns, and got free tickets to games. I started running fan events with small groups. You’ve got to go for these things. Until it’s big enough, the only games that gets televised are the GB Lions and other big teams. But go down to your local team [and show support].”

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