Piers Morgan horrified as 'abusive' guest brands him a c-word in scathing trans rant

Piers Morgan invited transwoman and activist Jame, who was wearing a mask and wig to protect her identity, about trans activists blocking women’s rights activists from speaking in front of a statue of Emily Pankhurst. Their debate soon turned heated and Piers was left mortified when Jame branded him a c-bomb amid other expletives during his 8pm slot on TalkTV.

The conversation started on a polite note, with Jame telling Piers it was good to hear his voice.

However, the conversation soon got out of hand when Jame swore multiple times at the former Good Morning Britain presenter and told him to “shut up”.

Piers warned Jame if she kept swearing he would have to cut her off, but she just laughed before tearing off her microphone and calling him a c-word in a shocking outburst.

More to follow… 

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