‘Quick’ and natural hack to ‘eliminate’ limescale from toilets - ‘don’t bleach it!’

When shopping around for toilet cleaners, homeowners might find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of products available. Many toilet-cleaning products contain strong chemicals which can leave a pungent scent. Others require homeowners to put the product in the bowl and forget about it.

But how effective are these products and what are they doing to the surrounding environment?

Some products can harm aquatic wildlife once they’re flushed down the toilet, while others can be corrosive to skin and eyes.

The cleaning experts at household cleaning and laundry product company, Dri-Pak, have shared their simple “three-step approach” to cleaning toilets, which includes ousting limescale, using natural and “traditional” products.

While it may be tempting to mask toilet smells with strong-smelling chemicals, natural methods can leave toilets “smelling fresh” without being artificial.

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Alternatively, homeowners can clean the toilet seat with bicarbonate of soda cream.

Bicarbonate of soda cream is mildly abrasive and will remove any dirt that’s difficult to remove.

Dri-Pak Bicarb Cream is available to purchase from Ocado for £2.

The cleaning experts also warned homeowners not to use bleach with other products.

They said: “Remember, never use bleach in combination with any other cleaning product as it can give off dangerous gases.”

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