Royal Family LIVE: Meghan warned she missed huge Netflix open goal but can 'still cash in'

After a mixed reception of the series, with the final episode released in November, Meghan has now been warned that a Netflix documentary would have been the “ideal vehicle to have the transition”, rather than the podcast, because “everyone has a podcast now”. According to Craig Prescott, an expert in UK Constitutional Law and politics, with a particular interest in the monarchy, wrote on Twitter that a Netflix documentary could “show Meghan working on “production X”, meeting directors, writers etc. Instead we saw Meghan writing late night emails to her solicitors in London. It was exciting as it sounds.”

He added: “There is increasing scope to be famous just for being famous.”

Despite this, he claimed that “you can still cash in [on this].

“Even if you only attract the interest of relatively few, especially in a large market such as America. But even then, this can only last for so long.”

He added: “The much more cynical explanation is that they haven’t thought that far ahead, but have gone for the money in order to sustain a certain lifestyle. I didn’t subscribe to this view. But so far, this is all you can point to.”

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