'The results look so good': How to wash curly hair - viral sensation's 10 product method

Zia turned her frizzy waves into beautiful coily curls. The curly hair influencer took to Instagram to detail how she washes her hair.

The method is long and involved but produces stunning results.

Zia has a whopping 399.6K followers on her TikTok account and also posts her hair routines on her Instagram account @curlyzia.xo.

Zia, known as Curly Zia, struggled to style her curls her whole life.

However, she has now perfected the method to keep her hair looking luscious.

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Zia starts by brushing her hair through and then uses an Olaplex deep conditioning treatment for 20 minutes.

After washing it out she used a shampoo bar to cleanse the hair, before washing it out and then applying a conditioner to the hair.

She scrunched the conditioner through her hair to help encourage curls.

Then Zia went on to wash her hair using the bowl method, which she previously discussed with Express.co.uk.

Zia then applied a hair mouse and dried her hair with a diffuser.

After drying she used oil to soften the texture of the hair before showing off her amazing curls.

Zia said, after styling her hair: “Overall happy with the results however I’m not very good at styling, and honestly it was all a bit lop-sided but I could get away with it.

“I really need to practice my brush styling!

“Also used slightly too much mousse as my hair feels a little producty today but that’s all part of finding the balance isn’t it?”

Curly hair is generally divided into types, and how you style your hair should depends on your natural curl type.

The categories fall into four types, straight hair, designated by a number one.

Wavy hair is designated by number two, curly, number three and coily, four.

Then within these catergories letters from A to C designate the intensity of the curl.

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