'Very common mistakes' ruining your garden and killing your plants - expert checklist

Ideally, you should aim to fertilise your plants every four to six weeks in the Spring and Summer, remembering to give the plants a good and deep watering after.

Another common mistake people make is not adding organic material to their soil. The organic material enriches the soil, helping it retain nutrients and moisture which are both beneficial to many plants and it’s also great for the environment as it reduces the need for fertilisers.

I assume people avoid composting because they think it’s too much work when actually all you need to do is mix materials that you could find in your garden.

Half of your compost mix should be materials high in nitrogen - this will be green materials like grass clippings. And the other half of the mixture should be materials high in carbon - these are brown materials, think shredded cardboard, wood stems, and bark. Super easy!

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