'What's the timescale?!' Liz Truss squirms as she fails to forecast end to Brexit row

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced on Tuesday plans for a new bill that would make key changes to the Brexit protocol. In light of the announcement, Ms Truss was challenged this morning on the timescale of the legislation and when it is expected to be passed by the Parliament. Ms Truss responded that despite it being certain that the bill will be introduced in the coming weeks, “[the timescale] is a matter for the Parliament”. “I’m determined to resolve this issue and get this legislation through”, she added as pressured over NI protocol future steps.

BBC Breakfast presenter Job Kay asked: “My question is when will people in Northern Ireland know that that law is passed?

“What is the timescale we’re looking at for the legislation?

“You say a few weeks it will be introduced, but when will it be passed by the Parliament potentially?

“Could it be a year away?.”

Ms Truss responded: “It will be introduced in the coming weeks.

“Of course, it is a matter for the Parliament how long it takes to get through.

“But I’m determined to resolve this issue.

“To get this legislation through, to get the Executive back up and running.

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Referring to the EU, she added: “I do want to point out I am still open to a negotiated situation with the EU and our legislation also provides for that being able to happen.

“But we need to fix these very real issues on the ground in terms of tax and trade”.

European Commission vice-president Maros Sefcovic commented on the UK plan to introduce new legislation and said that the Government move “raises significant concerns”.

He also warned the UK saying that if the government goes forward with the plan, the EU will respond “with all measures at its disposal”.

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