Wimbledon star blasts umpire for 'hitting the panic button' during Stefanos Tsitsipas tie

Jordan Thompson was livid with the umpire and accused him of ‘pressing the panic button’ during his closely-fought clash against Stefanos Tsitsipas. The score was tied at 3-3 in the second set with Tsitsipas on break point when the controversy struck.

A line judge called Tsitsipas’ shot out - and the umpire overruled it - before Thompson returned the effort. It meant the point had to be replayed, allowing the Greek star another shot at a crucial break.

“That call came way before I took the shot,” Thompson raged. “Don’t shake your head because we’re going to watch it later and you’re going to admit that you’re wrong. That is a joke, an absolute joke.

“I didn’t play my shot because I wasn’t even trying, the call came so early. The call came a good two seconds before I made the shot. After the match we’re going to go and watch it and you’re going to apologise.”

Tsitsipas went on to convert the break point after a long rally and Thompson blasted the umpire some more when he returned to his court-side seat. But first, he asked a Wimbledon official stood court-side: “Did you see it? Is he wrong? 100 per cent. It’s a joke.”

He then turned to the umpire and ranted: “You don’t need to make the call just because you’ve hit the panic button. It’s a joke. What are you laughing at? You are going to apologise! Straight after!”


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