Woman gobsmacked after discovering mystery pink Wotsits hidden in multi-pack

A woman was blown away when she twice discovered something incredibly rare in a muti-pack of Really Cheesy Wotsits - that some reckon may be “worth a fortune”. Care assistant Erin Leonard was amazed to find two bright pink packets in the pack, which were supposed to have been discontinued 20 years ago.

She initially thought she had won some kind of mystery prize when she took out the pink packet. Social media users reacting to her discovery were also baffled.

The 22-year-old said: “I bought the first packet at a Co-Op in Bristol after working a 12-hour shift and feeling a bit peckish.

“I was a bit confused for a second and then I realised that it was a pink version of the usual blue pack. Then my mum went to the shops to get some the next day, opened the packet and they were all blue.

“I finished another 12-hour shift and went to the shop, bought another pack randomly and as I was paying for them I opened them up and they were pink again!

“It’s just madness how two times I picked up packets that were pink and all of the bags are the same pink colour inside – there were no blue ones in there at all.”

Back when there was a prawn cocktail flavour of the crisp, Wotsits would appear in pink packets. However, 20 years ago these were discontinued, before returning in “giant” form a year ago.

Despite the packs’ pink hue, they still had the normal-sized Really Cheesy flavour - leaving Erin baffled. Her family were also left scratching their heads, saying they’d never seen anything like it before.

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After sharing her experience on TikTok and Facebook, plenty of people chimed in with theories on why it might have been a different colour. Some suggested the packets might be “worth a fortune”.

Meanwhile, others guessed it was more likely the result of a machine malfunction caused by the ink running out.

But one believed the pink theme might have been related to Cancer Research UK.

Express.co.uk has contacted Wotsits manufacturer Pepsico/Walkers for comment.

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