Boris Johnson LIVE: Sue Gray FINDS email warning 'BYOB' Downing Street party broke rules

Tory MPs believe that even if the 54 letters are reached, the Prime Minister would still win a confidence vote.

A Cabinet ally of Johnson told Politico: “He’s fighting hard, he won’t resign if there’s a confidence vote. Labour and the turncoats will not change his determination to fight and win. He is immovable.”

Another Tory MP said: “If they can’t even get to 54 then there’s no way they’re getting to 180” — the number of MPs who would need to ultimately vote against Johnson to remove him.

Similarly, Guido Fawkes opines: “None of the front runners for the leadership even wants the job right now. Polling shows that none of the leading rival candidates for PM would save some 100 plus seats that would be lost if a general election were held tomorrow. If the Tories switch Prime Ministers without a general election, the calls for a general election mandate will mount.

Be careful what you wish for … Turfing out a Prime Minister over twentysomethings in Downing Street guzzling cheese and wine is not really on a level with Suez, are they sure this is a well judged course of action? Politics is volatile, that 10 point lead Labour has today could switch back in 3 months again. Boris could turn it around like Thatcher. Who of the other current contenders has the strength of personality and ability to connect with voters?”

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