Best savings accounts: Where can I beat inflation?

Where the best savings rates can now be found: As a rise in inflation wipes out returns we round up the top accounts Number of inflation-beating deals has fallen from 703 to 288  This time last year the top easy-access account paid

How much are care home fees in your area?

The weekly cost of staying at a care home is £848 on average but varies dramatically across the country, new research reveals. At the extremes, prices range from £1,488 a week in Islington in London to £621 in Blaenau Gwent in Wales,

How to become a property guardian and save on your rent

There is a nomadic lifestyle in Britain that sees around 10,000 people rent in unoccupied properties for a reduced rate.   Kevin Harris, 54, has saved hundreds each month by becoming a property guardian, although he accepts it is not for everyone. He

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