BBC TV licence bailiff shame: Tables turned on Beeb in fine row

When Haydn Welch, 63, checked his 82-year-old uncle’s accounts he noticed he had been paying to watch television, despite licences being free for over-75s until August last year. Haydn Welch, from Somerset, wrote to the BBC’s TV Licensing arm requesting a refund

COVID-19 computer modelling may have led to dire decisions

Modelling has driven much of the pandemic response. The initial reaction was shaped by predictions last year suggesting 550,000 deaths in Britain if no mitigation measures were put in place. However, Dr Thomas House, who sits on SPI-M – the group that

Economic boom for old Red Wall seats with enterprise zones coming

Millennials: Experts discuss generation and economic challenges The creation of enterprise zones is a key demand of the Blue Collar Conservatives to ensure Mr Johnson’s ambitions to spread prosperity and “level-up” the economy become a reality. The movement led by former cabinet

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