Coronation Street family torn apart after resident arrested over Joseph's disappearance?

This leads Bernie to come clean and admits she bought the game with the pay rise Dev gave her, which makes Evelyn even angrier.

Bernie is then forced to lie to Dev and explains she made up the pay rise to stop Chesney from feeling bad about her buying gifts for the kids.

Evelyn grows suspicious and Bernie vehemently denies she had anything to do with Joseph’s disappearance.

However, Evelyn doesn’t believe her and calls the police. Bernie ends up breaking down in tears and finally confesses the truth.

Things then take a turn when Bernie and Chesney are hauled in for questioning by the police.

Bernie assures everything she did was with the best of intentions and her only hope is for Joseph to tell the truth.

However, will the police believe her? Will the police think Chesney had a part to play in his son’s disappearance, and will their family be torn apart in the process?

Coronation Street airs on Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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