Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told 'it's not your day' after making 'shady' move

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been criticised after it came to light that they told members of the Royal Family about their pregnancy during Princess Eugenie’s wedding. The Duke of Sussex revealed the couple pulled aside members of the family one at a time to tell them the news during the royal wedding in 2018. Canadian TV host Sid Seixeiro has lashed out at the Sussexes for the “shady” move.

Speaking on Canada’s Breakfast television, he said: “To me personally, this is not your day, okay? To announce a pregnancy at someone else’s wedding is that one of the shadier moves you’re gonna do.

“You’re bigfooting the entire process for whoever’s holding the wedding, you are telling everyone, ‘look, we believe we are bigger than anything else going on here’.”

It comes as Harry said he had enough material for two books, but he held back because he does not think his father and brother would “ever forgive” him.

Harry’s controversial memoir became the fastest-selling non-fiction book ever when his tell-all tale lambasting the royal family was finally published earlier this month.

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The headline-grabbing autobiography Spare, which hit the shelves on Tuesday, includes claims that the Prince of Wales physically attacked him, and that the King put his own interests above Harry’s and was jealous of the Duchess of Sussex and the Princess of Wales.

In an interview with Bryony Gordon of The Daily Telegraph, Harry said: “It could have been two books, put it that way.”

Gordon writes that Harry told her the first draft was 800 pages - double the final manuscript which comes in at just over 400 pages.

Harry told Gordon that there were things he revealed to ghostwriter JR Moehringer “for context”, but there was “absolutely no way” they would be included in the book.

“But the way I see it is, I’m willing to forgive you for everything you’ve done, and I wish you’d actually sat down with me, properly, and instead of saying I’m delusional and paranoid, actually sit down and have a proper conversation about this, because what I’d really like is some accountability.

“And an apology to my wife.”

During the interview, Harry told Gordon that he knows the press “have got a shit-tonne of dirt about my family. I know they have, and they sweep it under the carpet for juicy stories about someone else”.

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