Prince George 'stands back in public' & has traits his dad acquired only 'with maturity'

Next weekend, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations will take place over the four-day Bank Holiday. For the weekend’s finale, the monarch is expected to stand on Buckingham Palace’s balcony with her three heirs: Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George. The latter, at just eight years old, is the one the public know the least about. What is George’s personality like? And is he similar to his father when he was his age?

Body language expert Judi James has analysed George’s body language traits, looking for anything that can demonstrate what the eight-year-old will be like when he’s older.

George knows he will one day be King, in the same way as William did when he was younger, but both are very different people, according to Judi.

The body language expert claimed William was very competitive and assertive when he was younger, while George is shy – his sister, Charlotte, is more confident than him.

Judi went on to say: “William used to display a tendency to suggest an enjoyment of the idea of the status that would come with his role as monarch.

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“Competitive with Harry he seemed to like to assert himself at times and, as a young man, he seemed to take a slightly paternal role with Charles rather than the other way round.

“This tendency to status-endorsing has actually decreased as he has got older and he now looks like a man who has learned the value of empathy and approachability.”

However, George “doesn’t seem to have this sense of competitiveness or show signs of enjoying his status yet”.

Judi continued: “He is clearly playful and energetic and his body language rituals as he watched the football World Cup [last year] showed he can be as spontaneous as any non-royal child but, unlike the young William, he will often stand back slightly in public and allow his much more confident sister and his younger brother be the centre of attention.”

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Another body language expert also weighed in on George’s facial expressions and body language signals during a sporting event.

The young Royal joined his parents as they attended the England v Wales Six Nations rugby game in Twickenham earlier this year.

George was seen entering the stadium looking bored and unimpressed, but Jesús Enrique Rosas, also known as The Body Language Guy on YouTube, said the eight-year-old’s expressions were “misunderstood”.

“Children just absorb the world as it comes to them,” Jesús said.

“They are trying to make sense of everything as they go along – they are actively trying to make sense of the world.”

While doing this, Jésus said children “are going to be in a constant display of wonder”, and therefore, their facial expression will “most probably be a neutral expression” – which is what George was displaying, according to the body language expert.

He continued: “The emotion you ‘saw’ in George when I played this clip was most probably a projection of your own emotions or how you’d react to a moment like this.

“This is old-fashioned projection. Maybe you thought this is a face of a spoiled child.”

Jésus claimed “even outgoing children who like to smile will spend a lot of time with a neutral face”.

“Especially boys – they can be really hard to read well into their teenage years, and sometimes even as adults.”

Judi added when seen in public, George usually “looks thoughtful and as though he sizes situations up before acting”.

Comparing the boy with his father again, she said: “These are traits William acquired with maturity, but either way they should ensure both become wary and aware monarchs, both able to change when necessary and to plan how to ensure the Firm survives and thrives in the modern world.”

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