Prince Harry labelled 'not the brightest creature' by Nigel Farage ahead of US interview

Prince Harry is “not the brightest creature on Earth”, says Nigel Farage, as the Duke prepares to appear in two new high-profile interviews.

On Sunday, the Duke’s interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby is set to air in the UK, while his sit-down with Anderson Cooper on CBS airs in the US.

Responding to a trailer for his chat with Cooper, during which Harry claimed Buckingham Palace had briefed against him and his wife Meghan Markle, Farage claimed: “He’s not the brightest creature on Earth, all he’s done to those who have helped him, frankly, is to throw sand in their eyes.”

In another clip, shared with Farage during an appearance on Fox News, Harry claimed he “wanted his father and brother back” but that they had “made absolutely no effort to reconcile” with the Sussexes.

“Harry said ‘they’ve made no chance, no opportunity for us to reconcile’. But, you know, all throughout human history reconciliation can only come with the cessation of hostilities,” fumed Farage.

He added: “He constantly is firing attacks at them. Not until he stops can they actually have a conversation.”

However, the Brexiteer added that he believes King Charles III to be a “very caring man” and “he may well except his son back” in the future, but not now.

Making up with everyday Brits might be more difficult.

Farage said that the British public was so “angry” at Harry that they wanted King Charles III to strip him of his titles.

He added that he, too, hoped the Duke and Duchess would lose their titles and stay in America.

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This echoed a YouGov poll commissioned last month by The Times which found that nearly half of the British public believe Prince Harry should lose his title.

The poll found that 44 percent of respondents believed he should lose the title while 32 percent thought he should keep it.

Prince Harry’s interview with Anderson Cooper will air Sunday at midnight GMT on CBS’s 60 minutes. CBS is not available in the United Kingdom but clips of the sit down will likely appear on the network’s YouTube channel.

The Duke’s interview with Tom Bradby airs on ITV at 7pm GMT, also on Sunday.

Prince Harry’s book, Spare, hits bookshelves next week on January 10.

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